s About - NordicCAD


Meet the leaders of our team who bring our project to life:


Kjell-Inge Gjesdal

CEO and founder

Kjell-Inge Gjesdal has a Ph.d in MR physics from University of Aberdeen and has been doing research in the field of MR sequences and sequence optimization since the 80-ties.


Endre Grøvik


Endre Grøvik has a Ph.d in MR physics from University of Oslo. He has worked extensively within the field of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. In 2018 Grøvik spent several months as postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University where he studied the use of convolutional neural networks in radiology.


Carl Petter Skaar Kulseng


Carl Petter Skaar Kulseng contributes to research and software development for NordicCAD. Carl has a background as a MR-radiographer and has worked with optimizing deep neural networks.


Rolf Magne Aasen

Senior Software Developer

Rolf Magne Aasen is a software developer with a diverse range of experience in various industries. He has expertise in geophysical applications, user interfaces, 3D visualization, educational software, telecom, and internet solutions. He will be focusing on backend software architecture and GUI front-end development.